Commission a Portrait Drawing by Bodo Maier

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Why commission a portrait drawing? - product description and mode of operation

I'm creating portrait drawings based on your photo template. Usually a photograph is containing a lot of information not consciously perceived by the beholder. The portrait artist will emphasize or decrease this information selectively. As a result, the character of the sitter is carving out.

My portrait drawings are always benevolent. I do not make any cartoons, but depict those portrayed beneficially and at the same time realistically.

Drawing realistically means, that the resulting drawing has a high similarity with the represented person. At first glance my portrait drawings are looking like a photo. At second glance you can see the difference. If you, for example, behold an enlarged view of the self-portrait on my homepage, you can see the lines of the pencil. I put the darker areas usually with a hatch at 45 degrees.

Unlike a computer graphics a drawing made by hand always develops its own character, similar to a grand piano or a violin. This effect is intentional. Beholding the original drawing it's even more impressive than on the screen.

I work after photo template. An interesting facial expression, for example a spontaneous, easy smile is often very volatile. For a model, it would be difficult to create that smile deliberately and maintaining it a longer time. It's easier to capture the expression with the help of a camera and then transfer it into a drawing.

I'm using templates of varying quality. It's possible to create interesting portrait drawings based on snapshots. For example the drawings depicting myself as a child, presented in my online gallery, are based on old, partly blurred snapshots.

On the other hand, with appropriately high resolution photo templates, I'm able to achieve a hyperrealistic quality. The self-portraits on my homepage and at the top of my online gallery for example have been created by high-resolution templates.

Most hyperrealist artists work on a large scale in order to depict plenty of details, as those are important for the realistic effect. Therefore these images are usually very large size.

I specialize in pencil on smooth sheets of paper. This makes it possible for me, even with a small image format and at a scale of 1:1, to achieve a very high, hyper-realistic accuracy.